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Let’s face it. US tax rules are complex and can be a giant headache – unless taxes are your life’s work. That’s where Brooklyn Tax Service  comes in. We’ve got the smarts, the expertise, and the certification to prove it. We’re part of an elite group of Enrolled Agents (EAs) that are hyper tax-focused. EAs are the only federally-licensed tax professionals with unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS. We know tax code, the best ways to keep you compliant, and where you can save money.

We help with fundamental accounting and bookkeeping, and roll right on up to domestic and international e-commerce tax compliance.

Brooklyn Tax Service doesn’t just save time and money, we save you worry.  Are you meeting filing deadlines? Does your reporting effectively align with your business structure? Do you even have the right structure for your business? We view the big picture and pay impeccable attention to the details.

Brooklyn isn’t the way it was decades ago, before internet businesses (before Internet!). Today, Brooklyn is the heartbeat of contemporary culture and innovation. If you own a business, you need more than a traditional CPA: you need a savvy tax pro skilled in online business taxes and well-equipped with up-to-date tax law knowledge.

We are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve.  As a successful entrepreneur, you are undoubtedly using the most intelligent, latest technology available.  Don’t you expect the same from your accountant?

It doesn’t matter where your office is located – down the street or across the ocean; Brooklyn Tax Service has your taxes and financial reporting completely covered.

We are modern tax professionals dedicated to our clients – from personal taxes to small and medium-sized businesses. Online, at work, in your home – Brooklyn Tax Service keeps you compliant and in control of your taxes.


Our Services

Business Taxes

Accounting and taxes are intricately tied together. We provide a solid foundation to tax preparation with planning, bookkeeping, and payroll services. We fiercely serve our business clients across the range of structures – proprietorship, partnership, and corporation.

Personal Taxes

Whether you work for someone else or for yourself, we make sure you get all the credits and deductions to which you are entitled. When there is a life change – marriage, divorce, baby, new job – we check that everything aligns with your new status.

Business Abroad Taxes

Our base is in Brooklyn, but we excel with e-commerce sites that transverse the globe: foreign entity US incorporation, international hires, and work done abroad.

Tax Problems

The IRS hires tax experts. Shouldn’t you? As an EA firm, we put our exceptional tax code knowledge to work. We take a deep dive and figure out the best strategies to advocate for you. And we are Federally licensed to represent clients in any jurisdiction on all matters before the IRS.

Ready? Let's get started!

Professional Service

Renee Schweke, EA

Founder and President


Mykal O.

New York, NY

Renee is simply the best. I had a frightening situation with the IRS and she handled it with utmost professionalism. She cleared up the situation in less than week! She was extremely reasonable with her fees but more importantly, she was honest, kind, non-judgmental and very reassuring to help me stay calm during my IRS nightmare. If you need someone to fight for you and be on your side when the IRS is out for you- she's the one you want in your corner.

Gail V.

New York, NY

I was recommended Brooklyn Tax Services by a friend who had gone to them for her taxes - she swore by them and I can completely see why. The firm is very professional, very friendly, and most of all did miracle work with my mess. Renee was extremely knowledgeable and fast. I felt like I was important and I was treated like VIP. I think what was most impressive to me is that Renee had lots of answers and solutions so it made it obvious that I was in good hands, and I was - love the outcome!

Thank you so much for your hard and fast work!

Harold R.

Pompano Beach, Florida

Renee is incredibly patient, detail-oriented, and diligent in filing tax returns. That's why I keep coming back every year! Simply provide tax documents digitally and she'll handle the rest from there. Great job this year, and thanks again!


Tax commentary for everyday people

Paycheck Check-Up

The IRS released a Withholding Calculator to help you perform a “paycheck check-up.” Recall at the beginning of the year, Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs act, and President Trump promised more money in the pockets of Americans during tax time.  We all hope it’s true, but as a tax pro,  I can honestly…

Upcoming Event for Tax Pros

What do tax pros do when they’re not busy preparing taxes? Learn more about taxes. With the Tax Cuts and Jobs act, there’s a lot to know, and a lot to do for clients.  That’s why Renee Schweke has organized a fantastic event for tax pros in the NYC metro area. John Sheeley, EA and…

Goodwill Charitable Contributions

This talk is based on Internal Revenue Code §170(f)(8), Charitable Contributions.  A recent case in the US Tax Court is presented to show what needs to be done in order to ensure the IRS will accept deductions for Charitable Contributions on tax returns. Case Study July 10, 2017  Ohde v. Commissioner (Commissioner = IRS) Background…

Federal Judge Rules Against Parsonage Law

This talk is based on §107 of the Internal Revenue Code, which provides that housing allowances provided to religious leaders is not counted in his or her gross income. A Federal Judge in Wisconsin has ruled that the parsonage law of the 1950’s is unconstitutional because it isn’t fair to secular employees, who could also…

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